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Date : 25(Mon.) Apr.,2005 19:00 - 21:00 Place: OWAF office (OWAF;OSAKA Kinrosha sangaku renmei) 5 minutes walk from JR-Tamatsukuri sataion ;JR Osaka loop-line. Telephone 06-6972-2057 Contents: (1) Mounteering reports about Nepal Pakistan Tensian Pamir. (2) 2005 Schedule meeting about Nepal Pamir Europe Africa South-America. ----------------------------------------------------

Our Activities

1999, 08/22 Report from OWAF Mt.Fitin team ;Mongolian's highest mountain (4374m) 5 persons, Aoki ,Hayashi , Ando , Ikawa , and Kusuhara , gained the summit at 16:15 on Mon., August 16. Nakao gaves up near 3,900m. Since 2 days was late in the schedule by fear of plague generating in the town of wulgee;the western town of Mongol, the long attack was carried out from ABC, without making C1, and the summit was gained. 4 persons lose a way after gaining the summit, and there were also a happening of making a bivouac unavoidable, in addition a trouble, plentifully, All the members came back to Ulan Bator safety. 4 persons, Aoki, hayashi, Ando, and Kusuhara, went back on 21st as the schedule , Nakao and Ikawa are coming back 25 Aug. ------------------------------------------------ Our Activities in 1999 foreign-countries mountain climbing committee ------------------------------------------------ The Party for departing menbers. 28 (Wed.) Aug. 19:00- at Haidon (1) Dhaulagiri 1 (8167m) end of Aug.- 21 October Sakakibara , Hiraoka (team 84) (2) Mongolian highest Mt. Fitin (4374m) 8 - 22 Aug. Aoki,Nakao,Ando,Hayashi Kusuhara and Ikawa (3) Matterhorn (4) Sato-punt (7010m) JWAF(Japan Workers Alpine Fderation) National Federatin Team end of July - 21 August Sato (KONK) ------------------------------------------------ Our Activities in 1998 foreign-countries mountain climbing committee ------------------------------------------------ Meeting of reports ;4(Thurs.) Dec. 19:00 - contents:Pumori, island peak Nepal = ========================= Lecture meeting ;16(Mon.) Nov. 19:00 - contents: by Mr. Satoshi Kimoto = ========================= Meeting of reports ;22(Mon.) June 19:00 - contents: (1) McKinley Alaska Mr.Miyamoto (2) Europe Alps information (3) Kilimanjaro information = ========================= Meeting of reports ;11(Mon.) May 19:00 - contents: (1) Information on Mt.Aconcagua expedition report (Mr.Haruhiko Kato) (2) Chomolungma BC trekking report (Ms. Hiroko Kunieda) (3) Europe Alps (Yoshio Sakakibara ) ------------------------------------------------ Our Results in 1998 ------------------------------------------------ (1) Mt.Chimboraso 6310m in Ecuador,January 1998 (2) Mr.Miyamoto Mt.McKinley 6190m because of bad weather ,gave up (3) The Fukushima Workers Alpine Club female pair (Sakagami, Sugimoto) gained the summit of the Matterhorn (4477m),Augast 1998. From a Hernli hutte,Ascent 7 hours. Descent 10 hours. (4) The Takatsuki Workers Alpine Club aimed at gaining the summit of the Matterhorn. (5) The Yodoya-bashi Workers Alpine Club (5 poeple)gained the summit of Kilimanjaro (5895m) Africa,Augast 1998. Mr.Yoshida (Aged 64) gained the summit. (6) Mr. Koji Noguchi with the Tokyo Suginami mountain club gained the summit of Mt.Yara peak(5520m) of the Nepal. (7) JWAF Chomolungma Team gained the summit og Mt. Chomolungma (Mt.Everest). Mr. Kawahara of Nagasaki established the record of the Japanese highest age of Chomolungma summiter. (8) OWAF ,Mr.Hayashi,Mr.Sakakibara,Mr. Abe, Ms.Kunieda, Ms.Ito,gained the summit of island peak (6,160m) October 9th,and Mt.Pumori(7,161m) of Nepal Kunbu Himalaya.
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